Moscow Metro stations project

The competition for the design of three new metro stations in Moscow created an impulse to collaborate with three personalities whose life and work are closely intertwined with the city, each from a distinct perspective. The station “Rjevskaya” was created in cooperation with street-art painter Dmitry Aske, “Sheremetyevskaya” was conceived by architect and art historian Anton Gorlenko and photographer Jury Palmin, “Strominka” was designed by FORM architects
Each proposal is accompanied by an essay ellaborating on the essence of the design.

FORM, Anton Gorlenko, Jury Palmin, Dmitry Aske
Design: Olga Treivas, Vera Odyn, Polina Dudkina, Julia Semkova, Svetlana Dudina
Client: Mosinzhproekt
Status: Conception
Location: Moscow
Year: 2016

  • Frame hokusay
  • Sheremetyevskaya_web
  • Bed_web
  • Sheremetyevskaya
    The wave as a phenomenon and metaphor has a direct relationship to the metro: the metro grows in waves of construction phases, the wave like passenger flow in accord with hourly rhythms, arriving trains disgorging people like waves upon the platform.The wave reminds of the beds which once existed in the house
    of Konstantin Melnikov, whose garages are found nearby the station.

  • Frame Aske
  • Rjevskaya
    The root of the word Rjevskaya derives from the Russian word roj’ meaning rye, and is also phonetically linked to the word rust. This direct association acted as a starting point for the design of the station. The tactile surface of the central hallway is a simple sprayed fireproofing finish of an intense rye hue which creates a sense of immersion into a warm, enveloping fabric and brings out the essence of the station’s construction as a deep underground tunnel.

  • strominka_web
  • Stominka
    A floating ivory nave is revealed in motion from the passing train windows, creating a spatial continuum reminiscent of Escher’s illusory compositions. This effect is achieved by visual detachment of the archways from the ceiling with an intense hue that spans the walls, ceiling and topmost section of the columns above the arches.

  • Frame Tarell