The city’s reflection is its symbol. Canonic views of cities such as New York, Sydney or Venice are inseparable from their reflection in a body of water.

Through the reflection of Kazan in its lakes we propose to envision the growth and development of the city. The proposal consists of two strategies for the formation of the lakes’ coastline and their use.

The first strategy is referred to as ‘the coastal silhouette’. A new treasure map of the Kaban lakes is created by enhancing their architectural identity. Dominant focal points appear among the lakes creating a distinct image of Kazan as a vibrant, vigorously evolving city.

The next strategy is referred to as ‘Kayma’. Kayma is a word which exists only in Russian and Tatar, and translates as a beautiful ornamental strip along the perimeter of a textile or carpet.

In this case Kayma is the coastline of the Kaban lakes. By colourfully defining this border, we draw attention of the inhabitants of Kazan to the Kaban lakes and create a recognisable system of identity. The proposed Kayma pattern is influenced, though not borrowed, from traditional Tatar motifs.

Several colours and patterns are used to distinguish various functions of the coastline. The patterns include materials such as paving stones, greenery, water, wood decking and other landscaping elements which are combined in an unusual order. Each lake has its own ornament, which becomes part of a comfortable navigation system.

Collaboration: Burgos & Garrido, Russian Research Group
Architecture: Olga Treivas, Vera Odyn, Irina Mihailova, Rustam Nasriddinov, Elena Borisova, Denis Agafonov, Julia Semkova, Asya Baranova, Vlada Radionova
Client: Republic of Tatarstan
Project Status: Competition
Year: 2015

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  • С давних времен озера Кабан окутаны легендой о сокровищах, которые покоятся на дне. Пытаясь их найти, люди заглядывали в глубину озер…
    Мы нашли легендарное сокровище, но не в глубине, а на поверхности водной глади. Облик современной Казани в отражении — это и есть сокровище озер Кабан.

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  • Каждое озера обрело свое неповторимое лицо.
    Подобно зеркалу они отражают все то, чем так славиться Казань: Культура и Искусство на Нижнем Кабане, Спорт и Деловая активность на Среднем Кабане и Природная красота на Верхнем.

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  • Наиболее наглядно принцип «Каймы» мы проиллюстрировали на примере Концепции развития первой очереди. Мы видим это в элементах благоустройства набережных и площадей у Театра им. Камала, в окаймлении Парка Тысячелетия Казани, в решении набережной вдоль улицы Хади Такташа.

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