Maison IRFE was founded in Paris in 1924, and bears the names of its legendary creators — the Russian émigrés princess Irina and prince Felix Yusupov. The fashion house, a private venture of the Yusupovs, became a trendsetter in the roaring twenties, competing with the most prestigious Parisian fashion houses of the time, until it was closed during the economic crisis of 1929. Almost 90 years later, designer Olga Sorokina and countess Xenia Sheremetyeva-Sfiri, grand daughter of Felix and Irina Yusupov, decided to give Maison Irfe a new lease on life.

Architecture: Olga Treivas, Elisabeth Bereslavskaya, Ekaterina Ageeva
Client: IRFE
Status: Completed
Location: ЦУМ
Year: 2010

Photography: Olga Treivas

  • IRFE — the first fashion house was wounded in 1924

  • Resurrected almost three years ago in Paris, a branch of the fashion house was recently opened in Moscow at the luxury department store — TSUM