JM -1

Since its opening in 2012 Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center has an active exhibition and education activity. Due to its rapid developement the museum had quickly ran out of its areas. The situation gets more difficult because the museum’s building — the architectural monument and masterpiece of Konstantin Melnikov — can not be rebuilt or distorted with any additions.

Project JM-1 rethinks the museum and suggests building an underground floor with multifunctional space as well as renovating the exhibition hall on the ground floor.

Elegant project of Melnikov grew out of the utilitarian task: to optimize the circuit of new English busses in a garage. Our project is based on the special system of tasks and restrictions.

– Precise interaction with Melnikov’s architecture;
– Independent and vast exhibition hall;
– Maximum flexibility of the underground floor;
– Architectural monument’s safety;
– Uninterrupted functioning of the museum during the construction works.

New part is divided into three blocks: underground floor, foyer and exhibition hall.

Foyer is the space triangular in plan that is framed by historic brick wall and new partitions. It serves as the communication core of the project. New partitions frame the exhibition hall like a stage and hide the main stairs to the underground floor, lifts, offices of museum’s exhibition department and service rooms.

Walking down the stairs to the underground floor hidden in the thick of partition, the visitors find themselves in a big regular space. It is symmetrical ans divided into three parts: the cinema hall, educational centre and a foyer between them. On special occasions they all transform into one.

Architecture: FORM in cooperation with Anton Gorlenko
Olga Treivas, Vera Odyn, Julia Semkova, Vladimir Treivas, Victoria Kosichenko, Daria Gladunova, Paul Makarchenkov, Maria Fomina
Client: ewish Museum and Tolerance Center
Status: Conception
Location: Moscow
Area: 2500 m2
Year: 2017–2018

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