Cadillac house

Cadillac is both a legend and a culture phenomenon. The brand, founded in 1902, is internationally associated with automobiles remarkable for their character. For over a century they have inspired song lyrics, appeared in films, music videos, and even on Salvador Dali’s canvases.

In 2018 the company invited tenders for the first Cadillac House in Russia, which was to become a cultural and creative laboratory located in the Museum Mile. The selective tender candidates were handpicked by the company in collaboration with Alyona Doletskaya, the project curator. Several strong teams including FORM presented their project proposals.

Cadillac is not limited to car production — it also creates culture contexts. By combining the linchpin of automobile industry — the conveyor belt — with the objective to produce modern art, FORM came up with the Cadillac House ideology, defining it as an ongoing Moscow culture conveyor. This was the winner.

The conveyor belt principle is also the way Cadillac House functions: a variety of objectives are achieved through transformable space. Two conveyors fitted with ceiling lamps that are used to fix exhibits and equipment are the focal points embracing these changes.

The culture venue in the centre of Moscow is intended to display both cars and modern art hosting fashion shows, concerts, lectures, exhibitions or experimental performances. This is when the Cadillac House space visible through its large windows merges into the cityscape.

Architecture: Vera Odyn, Olga Treivas, Julia Semkova, Svetlana Dudina, Victoria Kosichenko, Fedor Katcuba, Polina Nenasheva, Alexey Slavin
Client: Cadillac
Main project manager: Maria Kosareva
Project manager: Emma Trifonova
Status: Competition. 1st Prize
Location: Moscow
Area: 900 m2
Year: 2018

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  • Cadillac is both a legend and a culture phenomenon

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  • Cadillac House is an ongoing Moscow culture conveyor

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  • Two conveyors are used to fix exhibits and equipment

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  • The Cadillac House space visible through its large windows merges into the cityscape

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