Alternative Fashion Before the Glossy Magazine, 1985-1995

The exhibition ‘ Alternative Fashion Before the Glossy Magazine, 1985–1995′ demonstrated the history of the soviet alternative fashion movement. The movement emerged at the crossing of clubber-squat culture the rock scene, beginning during the Perestroyka until the appearance of the first glossy fashion magazines in Russia in the mid 1990s. This period was characterized by an intoxifying air of newly found freedom, which caused an unprecedented growth in underground culture.

Architecture: Olga Treivas
Client: Contemporary Culture Center Garage
Curator: Irina Meglinskaya, Mikhail Baster
Location: Contemporary Culture Center Garage
Year: 2011

  • In the period of 1985–1995 alternative fashion has become a symbol of the changing times and the hallmark of Soviet perestroika abroad